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Microbeau Spektra Flux S PMU Machine Pink

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  • Model: Microbeau Spektra Flux S PMU Machine Pink
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Microbeau Spektra Flux S PMU  Machine Pink

Microbeau Spektra Flux S PMU Permanent Makeup Machine with Additional 

Powerbolt - Pink / Bubblegum

Powering the Flux S is a detachable battery known as a PowerBolt, which allows PMU artists to run their machine wirelessly without the need for cables or power supplies. As it's interchangeable, you can quickly and easily switch to an auxilliary battery (sold separately) when the charge runs out, so you can keep working with no problems.

The PowerBolt contains a lithium-ion battery with a USB-C connection and Dynamic Power-Path Management, which allows for simultaneous battery charging and power delivery. It offers fast charging speeds of up to 1.5 Amps and a run time lasting up to 6 hours, depending on the type of cartridge and voltage used. In addition, the higher energy density of the PowerBolt provides reliability and stability.

As well as featuring a battery capacity and voltage LED indicator, the PowerBolt has three buttons: one to turn the Flux S on/off and two to adjust the voltage quickly and easily. Press the up and down arrows to change the voltage of the Flux in 0.5 V increments or decrements from 6 to 12 V, with the colour of the LED corresponding to the voltage chart on the PowerBolt.

The PowerBolt also offers the ability to 'killswitch' the machine, which stops the Flux S from being switched on accidentally - helpful for when travelling with the PMU machine by flight.

The Flux S is Bluetooth-enabled, which means that you can pair it with DarkLab's Hover power supply and app. You can use the DarkLab app to wirelessly update the Flux S with the latest firmware, making it future-proof.

Microbeau's Flux S is a direct drive tattoo machine that offers no give and a 3 mm stroke, which means it excels in all forms of PMU techniques. It is also very quiet when running and creates minimal vibration.

This version of the Flux S comes with two PowerBolts. We also offer the Flux S with a single PowerBolt.

Key Features:

Colour: Pink / Bubblegum

Comes with x2 PowerBolts

Wireless - no cables of power supplies needed

Interchangeable battery

USB-C Li-ion battery with Dynamic Power-Path Management

Battery capacity and voltage LED indicator

Voltage: 6-12 V, adjustable in 0.5 V increments/decrements

Fast charging speeds of up to 1.5 A

Up to 6 hours running time

Bluetooth-enabled - can be paired with DarkLab Hover power supply and app

Future-proof - wireless firmware updates via app

Direct drive with 3 mm stroke

Compatible with Cheyenne type needle cartridges

Adjustable needle depth

Weight: 170 g

Made in the USA

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